Live Workshop

This Live Workshop is the first in a series which combined will cover every relevant topic during your home renovation project.

Based on the methodology of The RENOVATION ROADMAP & The ROOM Method you'll create a realistic Timeline for your project defined by Milestones and Due Dates, Task Lists and Templates available in a Project Management software provided for you.

Our website is under construction - hence the Introductory Discounts - and will soon offer Knowledge Base, Coaching, Project Management Tools and Templates - everything you need to succeed - visualized and explained bite sized in a stylistically appealing and memorable way.

Included in the Live Workshop:

  • the Live Workshop on Saturday November 25th at 10am EST or Sunday, November 26th at 12pm EST (no pitch!)

  • a Replay sent the next day (in case your spouse didn't participate)

  • Task Lists and Calendar Template needed for scheduling

  • access to e-arkitekten's Project Management Platform

  • and last, but not least: while waiting for October 29nd, Free Access to a Community Group of 'Home Renovators' where we can meet each other and talk about home renovations and our beloved houses hosted by a great app called Skool. Looking forward to see you there!

Each workshop will help you implement one single step and aspect of the home renovation process. Going through all of the workshops, you'll be provided with a comprehensive understanding of how to design, plan and project manage a home renovation process.

These are the 3 Phases, 9 Steps and 16 Lessons/Workshops of The RENOVATION ROADMAP 2.0:

// Introduction

-- Workshop #0 - Project Organization & Schedule Your Home Renovation

// The Fundamental Pillars of Architecture

Step 1: FIRMITAS / Sustainability

-- Workshop #1 - Maximize Long-term Value

Step 2: UTILITAS / Functionality

-- Workshop #2 - In Need of More Floor Space, or not?

Step 3: VENUSTAS / Aesthetics

-- Workshop #3 - The Value of Design and Beauty

// The ROOM Method - The Technical, Financial and Legal Matters


-- Workshop #4 - Registration

-- Workshop #5 - Resources

-- Workshop #6 - Requirements


-- Workshop #7 - Optimization & Order estimates

-- Workshop #8 - Open-book pricing or Open bidding

-- Workshop #9 - Owner's rep & Obligation clauses


-- Workshop #10 - Management

-- Workshop #11 - Meetings

-- Workshop #12 - Municipal Approval

// The Toolbox - Experience & Expertise, Tips & Tricks

  • Step 7: Digital Tools

-- Workshop #13 - The Project Management Platform, Task Lists & Templates

  • Step 8: Support, FAQ and Q&A

-- Workshop #14 - Do's & Don'ts / Best Practises & Worst-Case-Scenarios with Architect Pernille Arends

  • Step 9: Lesson #15 Collaboration, Conflict & Community

-- Workshop #15 - The Value of Sharing & Conflict Mediation with Mastercoach Katja von Kauffmann

You can also purchase Access Passes / Gift Cards for one or more Live Workshops and include a 30 min. 1:1-call with Architect Pernille Arends to accompany each Live Event if you need guidance based on your specific project and priorities.

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